Cartoons are timeless and give INSTANT impact to any business!
I've been creating original vector characters, mascots and logos for countless satisfied clients and I can help your business when it comes to creating your own original cartoon creation too.

Looking to boost the image of your business?

Johnny Depp a tad too busy to front your latest campaign? Angelina Jolie a bit out of budget? Why not use a cartoon character instead! Cartoon characters are fantastic marketing tools if you want to attract the right customers and liven up your marketing. They are fun, positive and create lasting appeal for companies and products alike. Famous brands such as Michelin, Green Giant, McDonalds, Twitter or even The Olympic Games can't be wrong, can they?
A good cartoon character will do, and be exactly what you want - with all the star quality. As the face of your company, they will always turn up on time and never demand yellow jelly beans on tap. They might even make a few of your customers chuckle in the process!
I can update an existing character, or create a brand new mascot to promote your product, brand, or service. Cartoon mascot design also goes hand-in-hand with my cartoon logo services. A cartoon logo incorporating your character or mascot is the perfect way to brand your business, blog or website and get those sales and web traffic flowing!
As it happens, creating appealing cartoon mascots, logos and characters is my speciality where the only limit is your imagination; people, animals, aliens - nothing is impossible in the world of cartoons!

I pride myself on having worked with some high profile clients whilst also being a small, nimble and productive company that can give your cartoon the quality and attention it deserves.
My ethos is to provide the best quality cartoon illustrations possible for those who appreciate the value of sound, considered design.

So if you're looking for professional custom cartoon tailored to your exact specification, then look no further!

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A full package of files, ready for web and print and scalable to ANY physical size with zero loss in quality
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Unlimited concept modifications - I'll keep drawing until you're happy (within reason!)
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Excellent value for money! My competitive rates aren't expensive and greedy, nor are they 'cheap' and rushed!
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Additional character poses at even better rates
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Full, exclusive image rights for your company
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Agency expertise and professionalism - minus the middle man!
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1-2-1 customer service from someone that cares! I aim to keep things transparent, simple and straightforward for you
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A large range of print solutions - large or small, just ask. I occasionally work from inside a large print house so chances are I can handle that for you too!
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Lifetime support - I'll be here to help long with anything you need after receiving your final files
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And best of all: Quality, experience, knowledge and reputation.
Using my years of experience in design fundamentals, I'd love to help you take your business to the next level and bring lasting appeal. If you're not sure what you want, drop me a line anyway and i'd be happy to help you create something with max appeal for your business image!

Why give your business less than it deserves?
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Emma has worked with the Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli organic baby food project since the initial concept stage. Always ensuring we meet our production deadlines and exceeding all expectation, she has been able to interpret our design ideas down to the finest detail without even meeting our in-house team in person. Friendly, fun and a pleasure to work with, we are looking forward to expanding the BabyZilli range and brand with Emma's invaluable input.
Emily Woodward. Baby Zilli Project Manager.
I want to say that I'm impressed with your breadth of knowledge and level of professionalism.
Darrin Bentley,
What I really like about Emma's designs are that they display approachability with a touch of fun and humour, which is often lacking in photos or on business marketing materials.
Carol Chadwick - PanelMaster UK
Thank you so much for all your help, you have really been so kind and have truly grasped the essence of our brand. Everyone that's seen the cuddlers absolutely loves them!
Bilyana Apostilova,
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Emma Knowles (The artist formally known as Anderton)
Freelance Cartoon Illustrator and artist • Bolton, UK
+44 (0)7734706948
(Please e-mail me for mailing address or to schedule a Skype or FaceTime call)

  • cartoon-illustration-characterdesign_cartoon_aliens
    Featured Brief: After successfully working with an international design agency to provide additional poses of their pre-designed characters, I was then commissioned to design a completely new set of children's characters and matching branding to be used for a range or printed and interactive products for large airlines.
  • cartoon-illustration-puppy-daycare-nursery-logo-mascot-toys
    Featured Brief: ‘PUP Cafe’ required a cartoon version of it’s Border Collie plush mascot to help make it stand out from all other local children’s play centres. It worked! ‘Pop-up-Play Cafe’ is happily thriving in the heart of Milton Keynes, UK.
  • cartoon-illustration-healthandsafety-business-logo-mascot
    Featured Brief: Hired by the UKs leading logistics company, this brief required a life-size update of their existing health and safety mascot to motivate staff with a lighter hearted approach to a serious message. The company were so pleased, they then re-commissioned more poses and a staff t-shirt design.
  • cartoon-illustration-gamelogo-flashgame-socialgame
    Featured Brief: I was contracted as in-house Studio Manager/Lead Artist to implement my commercial style throughout the company’s later Facebook Flash game titles including: Bubble Raider, Diner Life, Jewel Story and Jewel Pairs.
  • cartoon-illustration-caricature-logo-mascot-celebrity-disney
    Featured Brief: Vas J Morgan is an established UK showbiz reporter and professional socialite. Vas required a vector cartoon of himself to help him stand out from the crowd and use for his celebrity studded launch party to make him the star for the night!
  • cartoon-illustration-business-indesit
    Featured Brief: Cartoons are really great for packing a punch and getting the message across! Hired by one of the leading white goods brands, Indesit, I was tasked with create cartoon versions of its top ‘Hero Products’ for internal promotional material and staff presentations. KAPOW!
  • cartoon-illustration-bubbleraider-flashgame-socialgame-monkeycartoon-capuchin
    Featured Brief: BubbleRaider, my first full game as acting Studio Manager at PlayDemand, faced stiff competition in the Facebook platform bubble game genre but still surpassed 1 million monthly active users at its peak and ranked in the top 20 of fastest growing Facebook games in June 2012.
  • cartoon-illustration-bee-frog-logo-mascot
    Featured Brief: Hired by a welsh educational sports company; this brief required an update of an existing bee character for their logo. The company were so pleased, they commissioned over 10 more vector poses to be used across all their branding and advertising at lots of different phsical sizes.
  • cartoon-illustration-baby-cudaboo-panda-monkey-lion
    Featured Brief: The Cudaboo brand represents ethically produced baby products and donates part of its profits to animal charities. Working closely with the company, this brief initially required 3 vector characters to represent the animals that appeared as though they were ‘hugging’ the child when screen-printed onto fabric.
  • 10.cartoon-illustration-mascot-dogs-toys-plush
    Featured Brief: With a strong new children's book concept as the brief guide, Toby, Charlie and Baxter were the plush toys at the centre of the story and needed to come to life as cartoons.
  • cartoon-illustration-caricature-portrait-logo-mascot-disney
    Featured Brief: Helen is a baking enthusiast to say the least! With only a matter of time before she takes on the big-name-bakers, it was about time some memorable branding was put into place to make sure people remembered her long after tasting her marvellous creations. I loved creating this style of vector cartoon.
  • cartoon-illustration-cartoon-portrait-girlband
    Featured Brief: An up and coming girl band, featured in NME magazine and on TV’s ‘Pineapple Dance Studios’, required a cartoon transformation to pitch for an animated series using an updated style of the famous 80's cartoon, Jem; Truly Outrageous!
  • cartoon-illustration-lion-lioness-logo-mascot
    Featured Brief: I was hired by a start-up business in Zurich who wanted to use strong, relaxed and happy cartoon lions to help encourage both male and female professionals to use massage therapy, where most competitors focus on female clientele and spa services.
  • cartoon-illustration-dinerlife-flashgame-socialgame
    Featured Brief: ‘Freemium’ social games are based around quality, gameplay and their ability to sell virtual goods. I was initially hired to re-skin the visual style of ‘Publife ’ to make more commercial game assets for ‘Diner Life’’. After proving successful, my style was then implemented into all PlayDemand’s later titles.
  • cartoon-illustration-education-logo-mascot
    Featured Brief: Cartoons can even make maths fun! Using a style to appeal to secondary/middle school children, the branding of this maths tutor business required a competitor analysis and experimentation with colour theory and composition variations until we achieved the client’s vision.
  • cartoon-illustration-horse-donkey-logo-mascot
    Featured Brief: Proving that no brief is too peculiar or particular for me to tackle, my equine behavioural expert client required a horse ‘on the verge of a nervous breakdown’ cartoon. After listening carefully to his detailed description, and following a few revisions, I successfully achieved his exact vision and delivered something that he loved.
  • cartoon-illustration-lion-army-characterdesign
    Featured Brief: Stern, authoritative, loyal but friendly; this client required concepts for a new lion character mascot for The Royal Army - Enter Sergeant Rory! The mascot was to appeal to the children of soldiers and feature on marketing products at promotional/family events.
  • cartoon-illustration-educational-maths-logo-mascot-toys
    Featured Brief: 10ticks is one of the UKs leading maths resources, providing resources to over 55% of UK secondary schools and also featured in the Australian and South African curriculums. I’ve worked with 10ticks on many different projects but my favourite brief was to create a set of characters to appeal to younger children.
  • cartoon-illustration-penguin-wizard-eagle-logo-mascot
    Featured Brief: Designing cartoon characters & mascots feels as natural to me as breathing. These projects had few restrictions; just short briefs with a couple of revisions and lots of freedom... the best kind to create a 100% fun character!
  • cartoon-illustration-roman-caricature-logo-mascot
    Featured Brief: My client was looking for his already established business to convey a more fun, youthful and vibrant appearance. Luckily, cartoons never go out of style (just ask Disney!). True to most mascot designs, this brief also required many alternative colour compositions to allow for printing on many different surfaces.
  • cartoon-illustration-logo-mascot-toys-plush
    Featured Brief: Hired by ‘Hitchhiker’ innovations to update an existing product mascot to promote its 3-in-1 child trike/bike seat. ‘Hitch’ and ‘Hicky’ needed to appeal directly to toddlers and be reproduced as a plush toy to accompany sales of the ‘Hitchhiker Trike’ in the UK bike accessory shops.
  • cartoon-illustration-caricature-portrait-logo-mascot-aldo-zilli
    As seen on TV! Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli launched his new baby food range to be stocked by most major supermarkets. I was hired to create a different cartoon of Aldo for each of his products and all major marketing channels including a TV ad, website, celebrity studded launch party and social media promotions.