Hi, I’m Emma, your Friendly Freelance Cartoon Illustrator.
I create illustrations for cartoon mascots, logos, children's media, educational products, mobile-apps, social games, agencies, publishers... You name it! Your one stop cartoon shop!

Etihad Airways
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Have an idea? Are you looking to hire a cartoon illustrator but not sure where to begin? I’m always happy to chat and as well as delivering your vision, my goal is to make your life as easy as possible. Here's how it works...

1. Like-a de merchandise
Great! We're halfway there! My personal style is very commercial, friendly and fun. I'm proficient in most design software and techniques but I mainly specialise in vector illustration, which is essential for business branding. It takes a little longer to create but means that your final digital cartoon will be crisp, clean and print perfect - at any physical size!
Once we're good to go, I'll move over to the drawing board and stay there until you're happy with your cartoon. I'll send regular updates for your feedback before the final files are delivered to your inbox containing all the web and print-ready files you'll need. There's also lifetime technical support with my files.
If you're not 100% happy, then neither am I!
2.get in touch
I’m UK based, but the beauty of the world-wide-web means I’ve been able to work with clients all over the world, from Sydney to Cyprus!

Whether you know exactly what you need or would like me to help you progress your idea, I'd love to hear from you. Simply give me a call, send me an email or request a quote today.
Enquire here
  • cartoon illustration caricature portrait logo mascot aldo zilli
    As seen on TV! Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli launched his new baby food range to be stocked by most major supermarkets. I was hired to create a different cartoon of Aldo for each of his products and all major marketing channels including a TV ad, website, celebrity studded launch party and social media promotions.
  • cartoon illustration lion army characterdesign
    Featured Brief: Stern, authoritative, loyal but friendly; This client required concepts for a new lion character mascot for The Royal Army - Enter Sergeant Rory! The mascot was to appeal to the children of soldiers and feature on marketing products at promotional/family events.
  • cartoon-illustration-caricature-logo-mascot-celebrity-disney
    Featured Brief: Vas J Morgan is an established UK showbiz reporter and professional socialite. Vas required a cartoon of himself to help him stand out from the crowd and use for his celebrity studded launch party to make him the star for the night!
  • cartoon-illustration-baby-cudaboo-panda-monkey-lion
    Featured Brief: The Cudaboo brand represents ethically produced baby products and donates part of its profits to animal charities. Working closely with the company, this brief initially required 3 characters to represent the animals that appeared as though they were ‘hugging’ the child when worn.
  • cartoon-illustration-dinerlife-flashgame-socialgame
    Featured Brief: ‘Freemium’ social games are based around quality, gameplay and their ability to sell virtual goods. I was initially hired to re-skin the visual style of ‘Publife ’ to make more commercial game assets for ‘Diner Life’’. After proving successful, my style was then primarily implemented into all PlayDemand’s later titles.
  • cartoon-illustration-logo-mascot-toys-plush
    Featured Brief: Hired by ‘Hitchhiker’ innovations to update an existing product mascot (left) to promote its 3-in-1 child trike/bike seat. ‘Hitch’ and ‘Hicky’ needed to appeal directly to toddlers and be reproduced as a plush toy to accompany sales of the ‘Hitchhiker Trike’ in the UK bike accessory shops.
  • cartoon-illustration-puppy-daycare-nursery-logo-mascot-toys
    Featured Brief: I love nothing better than a dog cartoon! ‘PUP Cafe’ required a vector cartoon version of it’s Border Collie plush mascot to help make it stand out from all other local children’s play centres.  It worked! ‘Pop-up-Play Cafe’ is happily thriving in the heart of Milton Keynes, UK.
  • cartoon-illustration-characterdesign_cartoon_aliens
    Featured Brief: After successfully working with an international design agency to provide additional poses of their pre-designed characters, I was then re-commissioned to design a brand new set of children's characters, backgrounds, logo and stickers (all using vector graphics) to be used for a range of printed and interactive products for large airlines.